SIP Trunking

Enhanced Business Anywhere

Is your company looking to replace its existing POTs Lines to connect to single/multi-line phones or a PBX/key system?  PressONE’s Enhanced Anywhere service is your solution.

Traditionally, when purchasing telephone lines from a phone company, businesses simply receive dial tone as its phone system equipment should manage features like auto attendant, voicemail, and call forwarding.

With PressONE’s Enhanced Anywhere service, your company can manage most of these features before they even touch your phone system or single line phone.  From our easy to use, web-based call management portal, you can route calls to alternate numbers, overlay an auto attendant for inbound call routing, set call forwarding for specific lines and more.

Choose a trusted provider...choose PressONE

To learn more about how PressONE can help your business with its SIP Trunking needs, contact us at (718) 360-1234 or email .