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Below is a comparison of features that are included in the different Hosted Voice service plans offered by PressONE.

FEATURE Trunking Business Line Standard Premium
Basic Call Logs x x x x
Call Waiting x x x x
Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking x x x x
Calling Name Retrieval x x x x
Calling Party Category x x x x
Client Call Control x x x x
External Calling Line ID Delivery x x x x
Incoming Calling Plan x x x x
Intercept User x x x x
Internal Calling Line ID Delivery x x x x
LDAP Integration x x x x
Malicious Call Trace x x x x
Phone Status Monitoring x x x x
Physical Location x x x x
Preferred Carrier Group x x x x
Voice Messaging Group x x x x
Call Forwarding Always x x x
Call Forwarding Busy x x x
Call Forwarding No Answer x x x
Call Forwarding Not Reachable x x x
Call Return x x x
Call Transfer x x x
Directory Number Hunting x x x
Flash Call Hold x x x
Hunt Group x x x
Last Number Redial x x x
Three-Way Call x x x
Anonymous Call Rejection x x
Automatic Callback x x
Call Park x x
Call Pickup x x
Diversion Inhibitor x x
Do Not Disturb x x
Hoteling Guest x x
Speed Dial 100 x x
Speed Dial 8 x x
Alternate Numbers x
Automatic Hold/Retrieve x
Barge-in Exempt x
BroadWorks Anywhere x
Busy Lamp Field x
Call Forwarding Selective x
Call Notify x
CommPilot Call Manager x
CommPilot Express x
Directed Call Pickup x
Directed Call Pickup with Barge-in x
Enhanced Outgoing Calling Plan x
Hoteling Host x
Multiple Call Arrangement x
Music On Hold x
Music On Hold – Video x
N-Way Call x
Outlook Integration x
Priority Alert x
Privacy x
Push to Talk x
Remote Office x
Selective Call Acceptance x
Selective Call Rejection x
Sequential Ring x
Shared Call Appearance x
Simultaneous Ring Personal x
Two-Stage Dialing x
Voice Portal Calling x

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