PressONE with Cisco Webex

PressONE with Cisco Webex

Working as a team has never been easier

A better way to work has arrived.

Enjoy everything you love about Pressone now with all of the tools to empower your teams to collaborate in one place, from anywhere.

  • Crystal Clear Calling – With native in-app voice and video calling, you can make and receive calls with the classic calling features you rely on daily.
  • Messaging the way it’s meant to be – Quickly contact teammates, internal or external, using chat for direct messages or in a group space. Enjoy the latest messaging features such as @mentions, emojis and gifs, and threaded message support!
  • Hassle-free video conferencing – Host or join secure HD meetings on any device, anywhere, and keep your data and privacy protected. Share your desktop, application, or file during your meeting or pop up a virtual whiteboard and have a brainstorming session.
  • Team collaboration tools keep you moving forward – Create a virtual workspace where you can get work done with others one-to-one or as teams. Chat, meet, share files and link your productivity apps all within your virtual space to keep your work and conversations organized.

How can I prepare for my upgrade?

There are three actions you can take to prepare for the upgrade:

  1. Make sure you have your PressONE username and password handy as you will need them to register for PressONE.
    1. IMPORTANT – PressONE will be adding your email addresses to our system so you will be able login with your email adddress and not your Phone System UserID
  2. Review your message history and save any important chats as they will not carry over when you upgrade.
  3. Save important external contacts you’ve added to your Contacts list as you will want to manually enter them after the upgrade.

Questions? Contact Us at or shoot us an email at

FAQ’s for IT and End User/CX Support Staff.

  1. I received this email but have no idea what you’re talking about?
    1. We released a new version of PressONE with Cisco Webex that includes many enhancements and features that you didn’t have before. We are also sunsetting the UC-One Application and replacing it with PressONE with Cisco Webex. To get started Download the App Here
  2. Is this a Cisco product that we’re using?
    1. This is a PressONE product brought to you in partnership with Cisco, the global leading provider in Video conferencing solutions. Together we bring you a fully integrated collaboration experience, seamlessly delivering our calling that you rely on with Cisco Webex advance messaging and meeting capabilities, all within a single app.
  3. Can I still contact you for support?
    1. Yes, absolutely! Pease continue to contact PressONE Support for any questions related to Cisco Webex. Additionally there is an online help center you can bookmark for any feature related questions.
  4. Do I have to upgrade? When does this need to be completed?
    1. Yes, the upgrade is required by April 30th, 2022. After that date you will no longer be able access your UC-One App as we will be shutting down access to the old service.
  5. I downloaded the new PressONE with Cisco Webex App, what’s next?
    1. Great! Please watch the following YouTube videos to understand what to expect on the day of your migration.
  • Do I need to access my current UC-One app or can I delete it?
    1. Once you have migrated to the new Webex App on your go-live date, you can delete the old UC-One App
  • I can’t remember my username and password.
    1. Please open a ticket with PressONE support at and request a password reset.
  • I downloaded the new app but now I don’t see any of my contacts?
    1. Awesome! You’re almost there. When you downloaded the new app, old contacts did not migrate over. With PressONE with Cisco Webex, all you need to do is search for a co-worker and then start a chat. Once chat is initiated, your chat message will appear in the activity feed (second column).
  • I downloaded the app but don’t see my message history.
    1. When you downloaded the new app, your old message history did not migrate over.
  • I downloaded the new app, logged in, but I’m not able to see or find my co-workers.
    1. It’s likely your colleagues have not yet downloaded and logged into the new app yet. Next step is to get everyone in your company to take the same steps you did so everyone can start experiencing the power of Webex.
  • I downloaded both the desktop & mobile apps. Will my chats be synchronized?
    1. Yes! All activity from your messages and call history will be synched. You can seamlessly move between desktop and mobile and always have the most recent activity captured.
  • I can’t complete my registration. It says my email is in use.
    1. Webex requires a unique email address to complete your registration. If you have an existing account, you’ll either need to delete that free account or provide us with a new email address. You can follow these instructions to complete your registration.