A Unique Partner Program

Lucrative Commissions

PressONE prides itself on have one of the most enhanced partner programs in the industry. We understand that agent partners fall into different selling categories. That’s why we developed a 3-tier program designed to provide more commissions to financially benefit all agents in the new program.  As a PressONE agent partner, you will be backed by a team of highly knowledgeable sales engineers, support technicians, online sales tools, and of course a very attractive and competitive portfolio of telecommunications offerings.

Unlike other agent programs, PressONE agents/dealers will be responsible only for the sales cycle which allows you to focus on what you do best—SELL!  PressONE will take care of all the provisioning, purchasing, installation, programming and training.

Who can become a PressONE Partner?
If you are aggressive, very knowledgeable about the benefits of voice and data as it relates to businesses in different industries, you will be a successful PressONE partner.

Each agent partner will receive comprehensive sales training on PressONE products.  We will also provide on-going continuing education to keep our agents abreast of new features and products added to the PressONE Service portfolio.

Interested in learning more and becoming a PressONE Partner?

Contact us at (718) 360-1234 or email partners@pressone.net .