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Traditional Voice and Data vs. PressONE’s Converged Technology
THE TRADITIONAL MODEL: With this model, voice and Internet services are delivered on two separate, disparate networks:

  • Access to the PSTN or public voice network is via T1, PRI, POTS, Centrex and the like. Within the customer premises, there exists a PBX, voicemail, call accounting system, unified messaging server, and of course, telephones!
  • A T1, xDSL, or cable modem connects the Internet to a router, possibly to a data firewall, and then to a corporate network or Local Area Network (LAN). Data cabling connects the LAN to a desktop PC and network devices such as printers and scanners.


Even if both services are delivered over the same physical connection, the two services must be segregated because they utilize different protocols and even different technologies. They cannot serve as backups for one another, nor can they provide any additional benefit to one another. They are distinct and completely independent.

THE PRESSONE CONVERGED TECHNOLOGY MODEL: PressONE’s hosted service converges voice and data communications into a single, highly reliable, tightly integrated network with the features and capabilities of a high-end enterprise communications network, but without the high costs of acquisition and service. PressONE delivers voice and data over a private T1, xDSL, or cable modem connection to your existing office data network.  Your company only needs to own IP Phones – the rest of the network is supported and maintained by PressOne!  We provide incoming DID’s and phone service, support long distance and international calling, and even 800 service!  All the features of a traditional PBX are included such as  group ringing, multiple line appearances, call center applications, voicemail, unified messaging, automated attendant, call routing, intercom paging, and more. Your company  can even manage and maintain PBX feature sets through an intuitive, user-friendly website.  Employees have access to their voicemails and contacts from any web browser in the world!  They can set up find-me follow-me lists, modify their call forwarding options and even prioritize their callers by using CallerID.


By choosing PressONE for your communications service, your company will receive the lowest cost of ownership of any privately managed communication system. PressONE provides a level of redundancy, reliability and scalability normally unheard of in today’s corporate environments.

Choose a trusted provider...choose PressONE

To learn more about how PressONE can help your business with its hosted voice needs, contact us at (718) 360-1234 or email sales@pressone.net .